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150 Words or Less – The New Expendables


The Covid-19 pandemic was first a hoax, then a crisis and now China’s fault.  Initially, those most affected were Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, the incarcerated, the aged and infirm and the homeless. All expendable, and quickly forgotten. Stacked up like cordwood. Scientists, doctors, nurses and a few governors have tried hard to warn us of the true deadliness of the virus, only to be out numbered by Fox News pundits and gun wielding, Confederate flag waving mobs, all encouraged by the deranged man in the Whitehouse bunker.

States who have denied the lethalness of Covid-19 are seeing huge increases in positive cases and deaths. And yet, bars and beaches must be open, as “bar lives matter” becomes the new chant.

As more younger people fall victim to the virus, and it washes over our schools, our children will be the next expendables. Small stacks of cordwood will line the playground.