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185 Words or Less – DNA and the Who Done It of Today…


I find the crime shows so intriguing. Watching Law and Order has long been a passion of mine, as well as CSI, Headline News and the numerous programs involving crime fighters and despicable villains. Growing up, the stern, earnest detectives of Dragnet and the cowboys in white hats hunted and got the bad guys the old fashioned way. Cloak and dagger in a raincoat, or a busty barmaid’s tip always helped them get their man.

Today, most are solved in a lab, or on a pathologist’s table. Cell phone records, social media, and DNA data banks can solve a dastardly slew of serial killings and prove, or disprove a suspect’s guilt. Science gets the needed results. The killer is caught and justice is served. Often in less than an hour.

Here’s what puzzles me. With so many fans glued to the miracles of science on their TV screens, why do so many fear the Covid vaccine? If they trust science to solve the case, why not trust science to protect us from this terrible disease? After all, it’s a serial killer, too.