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The Swedes Have Gone Ape#@%&!


According to the December 30th issue of The Week, the folks in Galva’s sister city, Gavle, Sweden have created their own version of The Planet of the Apes. However, this time, the Apes lost. Apparently seven chimpanzees escaped their confines and took over the “great ape house” creating quite a stir. So much so, that zoo officials shot and killed four of the rogue primates, thus containing the insurrection. Appalled Swedes voiced their displeasure by condemning the action, insisting that tranquilizer bullets would have been much more appropriate. Zoo officials disagreed, claiming that the chimps were dangerous and put people’s lives at risk. It was also noted in the article that one of the slain chimps had made headlines several years ago by hoarding rocks and then throwing them at zoo goers. There was no mention of any uprising in the Lutefisk exhibit.