Monthly Archives: December 2021

150 Words or Less – Dear Santa


This year, please – I wish for Democracy to prevail, school shootings to end, a big increase in local retail sales, science to win over politics, rest and safety for health care workers, local charities to overflow with donations, truth in our history classes, the Proud Boys to disband, warm shelter for the homeless, antivaxxers to do the right thing, food pantries to overflow, an end to gerrymandering, more low cost or free options for spaying and neutering animals, an end to villainizing the victims of abuse and sexual assault, relief for those in tornado ravaged towns, rain for the drought ridden areas, Black lives to matter, protection and validation of Roe v Wade, the Post Office to stay in business, successful hot lines for those in crisis, kindness to wait staff and store clerks, protected voting rights, appreciation for our teachers and please! get the Democrats to pull together.