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Holiday Blog


Christmas this year was white, cold and busy.  You would think that being retired would mean that I would have more time to get organized, get cards out early and prepare for the festivities. NOT!  I was out shopping at the last minute, wrapping and mailing just days before Christmas and wondering, as I do each year, why it all happens so fast.  I did manage to decorate my year-round corner tree, bake some cut out cookies and get the presents to the grandkids before the big day.   I also saw the three “big girls” each perform in front of an audience, watched numerous episodes of “Frosty” with my toddler grandson and spend a little time with my son and my daughter and their spouses. I am blessed. 

As for resolutions, I think I’ll forget about the annual pledge to lose weight, exercise more and save the whales.  I think that this time, I’ll try and mend some fences, strengthen some relationships, and laugh  a lot more. I might also try to see a few more movies at the theater and visit a few more friends whose lives and moving vans have taken them to other places. 

This is my first and only attempt at blogging (like you didn’t notice) and I do  hope to keep it up to date with photos of my cards and such.  This will mean spending less time on Facebook looking at cat pictures (which I love) and more time down in my “craft room.”

Here’s to a safe, healthy and happy New Year.  And to the whales, wherever they are.