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175 Words or Less; Give it Your Best Shot


Facebook ads seem to appear more often that posts from my friends. And certainly more often than the cute cat videos that I love. A lot of them look legit, but I’ve learned that many are not. The hard way. The latest one for “One Shot”, the magical weight loss pill pops up more often than any other. If you’ve seen me lately (the Covid lockdown was not kind to my waistline) you probably figure I need to see a lot of these promotions. The ad boasts that you can lose something akin to 70 pounds in a matter of days. Wow. I mean, really? Furthermore, it’s purported to have been endorsed by the Shark Tank crew, who were supposed to fund it with millions. Of course, that’s unfounded. Both the figures and the sisters who brought it to the show in the first place have vanished.

Sadly, the products are selling like those hot cakes you shouldn’t eat on a diet, and Amazon is making a lot of money shipping out the pills to the overweight and gullible, who dream of a becoming a new age Twiggy in no time. Apparently, they buy any science behind the product, simply because the ads include a reality show twist. And we all know what reality show fans did to our 2016 elections.

My question is this. “If people believe the science behind this Shark Tank phenomenon enough to pay big dollars for a magic pill, why do so many doubt the science behind the Covid vaccines?” I’d think your best shot is the vaccine. And a salad. A big salad.